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Printing Cafe is the cheapest online trade printer for A3, A4, A5 Folded leaflets, flyers or brochures. We are low cost folded menu provider in UK for next day, same day, even in 24h turnaround overnight delivery for tomorrow.

Folded Leaflet Printing:

Folded leaflets are usually sheets of paper that have been folded in variety of different ways in order to display information for advertising or marketing purposes. A folded leaflet can be used for several important reasons to look presentable and smart in approach. Either you need to print table menu for your restaurant, cafe or advertise your financial service, business; there’s always a type of folded leaflet for you. These variety of leaflet folds offer you enormous creative possibilities as each type is suitable for specific marketing or promotional message.

When it comes to folded leaflet printing, Printing Cafe offers you all sorts of most needed sizes and shapes. A4 and A5 are the best-selling folded leaflet sizes that you can order from our online shop. You can choose from our free A4 folded leaflet templates to print on it according to your design. If you need a bit smaller size, then A5 folded leaflet can be your pick. Folded leaflets come in various forms such as- half fold, tri fold, z fold, c fold, roll-fold, cross fold,gate fold etc.

All the folding types we offer: Folding Guide

Half-Fold Leaflets

Half fold leaflet is a form of brochure that folds into two equal halves down the middle. It is also known as bi fold leaflet. It is a cost effective, affordable form of folded flyer that is a great choice for table menus, simple business presentations product guide and comparisons and image-heavy documents. Half fold ones are wider than other ones but still this form of brochure grab the attention of the readers with great professional credibility. You can create unique custom brochures from our free samples.

Tri-Fold Leaflet

Tri fold leaflet is also known as letter fold. C fold leaflet is also an option of tri fold leaflet that folds like a ‘C’. This 3 fold leaflet is folded in two places and the flyer is divided into three equal parts. Trifold leaflet is a highly convenient leaflet option that is great for engaging content. When it is folded neatly it turns out to be a small, compact size that can easily be fit into pockets and standard size legal envelops. This form of flyer is best for compact pieces, easy reading, maps and info-graphics. For tri fold leaflet printing, you can choose from our free templates.

Z-Fold Leaflets

Z fold leaflet is another form of tri fold leaflet that is folded in the shape like ‘Z’. Because of their z shape, they get unfolded naturally and easily in the reader’s hands. This form of leaflet is perfect for big graphic images, graphs, charts and even maps. While designing it, you can even use large text that influences the reader to open the flyer to see next folded pages. It will easily suit your marketing budget. You can also add lamination for extra protection while going for z fold leaflet printing.

Cross-Fold Leaflet

Cross fold is a form of folded leaflet that is folded in both directions. It gives you more printed pages to display your content in more unique manner. This 8pp flyer first fold in half and then in half again that is why it is called as cross fold. Cross fold leaflets are perfect for maps and tourists guides. As well as, you can print cross fold leaflets if you have a lot of information to show to your readers. It has become a popular option for many.

Roll-Fold Leaflets

Usually a roll fold leaflet is another great 8pp option where each page folds in on itself. There is a plenty of space in it to fill with your desired information. This spiral fold is a form of parallel fold where all 3 folds are made in the same direction. Roll-fold is an ideal choice for folded menus. You can choose your design for roll fold leaflet printing from our free templates.

Gate-Fold Leaflets

Gate fold leaflet is another parallel form of folded leaflet where the folded ends run precisely side by side to one another. In this form, the external edges get rolled up in one direction. When you unfold a gatefold leaflet, it looks like double gate opening. Gate fold leaflet is a pretty handy brochure to give it to the potential readers and customers at various business expos and events. 

How to decide the right form of leaflet for folded flyer printing?

It mostly depends on your service nature and quantity of your information. The size you pick for your leaflet also matters a lot in this case. You can choose from the following folds-

folded leaflet guide

  1. Half Fold– It’s a great choice for table menus, simple business presentations product guide and comparisons and image-heavy documents
  2. Tri Fold– Best for info-graphics, showcasing your sell.
  3. Z Fold– Great choice for graphs, charts and sales brochures.
  4. Roll Fold– Versatile usage form but perfect for folded menus.
  5. Cross Fold– ideal choice for maps and guides.
  6. Gate Fold– Great option to go with for business events and expos.

Which size folded leaflet should I choose to print?


Type of folded leaflets UK

Usually, there are 3 standard sizes for printing folded leaflets. If you don’t have much idea about size then we would recommend you to pick A4 size. This size allows you enough space to print your desired information without being too big for clients or readers. It will be helpful for you if you go through the size list below-

A5 Sizes for Folded Leaflet

C-Fold A5 leaflet size – Flat size – 14.8cm x 21cm – Finished size – 7cm x 14.8cm

Z-Fold A5 leaflet size – Flat size – 14.8cm x 21cm – Finished size – 7cm x 14.8cm

Half Fold A5 leaflet size (Folded to A6) – Flat size – 14.8cm x 21cm – Finished size – 10.5cm x 14.8cm


A4 Sizes for Folded Leaflet

C-fold A4 leaflet size – Flat size – 21cm x 29.7cm – Finished size – 9.9cm x 21cm

Z-fold A4 leaflet size – Flat size – 21cm x 29.7cm – Finished size – 9.9cm x 21cm

Half fold A4 leaflet size(Folded to A5) – Flat size – 21cm x 29.7cm – Finished size – 14.8cm x 21cm

A3 Sizes

C-Fold A3 leaflet size – Flat size – 29.7cm x 42cm – Finished size – 14cm x 29.7cm

Z-Fold A3 leaflet size – Flat size – 29.7cm x 42cm – Finished size – 14cm x 29.7cm

Half Fold A3 leaflet size (Folded to A4) – Flat size – 29.7cm x 42cm – Finished size – 21cm x 29.7cm

What are the folded flyer printing paper stock options?

When it comes to paper stock options, there are some popular materials that are used to print folded leaflets. We offer classic printer paper, card, PVC and even foam board as well. These stocks are usually measured in GSM. The more it increases in number, the more it gets heavy and better in quality.

Have a look on our available paper stocks from which you can pick your one- 

  • 130gsm Budget Gloss/Silk- This is the thinnest and cheapest stock that is available. It is a popular pick for bulk leaflets and takeaway menus.
  • 250gsm Entry Thick Card- This one is the most popular paper stock for folded leaflet printing UK. It is considered as great marketing all-rounder.
  • 350gsm Extra Thick Card- It’s a heavy and thicker stock which is ideal choice for elite-end brands or messages for high valued customers.

How can I design a folded leaflet?

You don’t need to worry much when it comes to designing your folded leaflet. From our website, you will get plenty of free folded leaflet samples which are totally customizable. Even if you don’t have any previous experience, it wouldn’t be a hard task for you. You can simply choose and select your design from our free templates and provide us your all other necessary information and we will make it ready for you to deliver within 24 hours turnaround.

Folded leaflet can be A4 Full colour paper folded in half. Also there are many format options for your folded leaflets: A4, A5, A6, A7 as well as DL and also 210 x 210mm, 120 x 120mm,105 x 105mm, 100 x 100mm and 150 x 265mm. Folded leaflets of up to ten sides can be printed at Printing Cafe. Folded leaflets with four sides are folded in the middle. You can also specify your order to obtain unfolded leaflets (flat).Folded leaflets with six, eight or ten sides can be ordered in letter fold, z-fold or gate fold, depending on the format. For folded leaflets with a weight from 130 gsm, it’s best to use the “creasing” option when ordering. If you require any custom/bespoke folding flyers please contact with us on 020 3633 2660 or email Our cheap folded leaflets are ideal for menus, brochures, tour guides, instruction manuals, and much more!