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Printing Cafe your cheapest online printing supplier in UK and Europe.

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Printing Cafe your cheapest online printing supplier in all over UK and Europe mainland. We are a London based online printing company and your cheap price litho printer for Low cost booklet/ Brochure, Poster, presentation folders and all kind of die cut, custom shaped spot uv business card printing. But how can www.printingcafe.co.uk offer such affordable prices for all litho printing?” – Printing Cafe hear question every day, and the answer  is easy and the way we can offer such low prices is simple, we specialize in a select range of glss/matt papers and uncoated boards so all orders are what we call ‘batched together’ on large sheets upto B1 or B2 size, so set up costs etc are split down between as many as 80 customers on one sheet of paper,  enabling us to pass these savings onto you the customer. And also how www.printingcafe.co.uk  can offer this low cost price and t the same time super fast delivery turnaround. And this is our another competitive advantage for offering cheap price on the litho printing and also delivering all our brochures, flyers by next day courier service. We started our printing journey on 2000 only with our website but now we have our own in-house printing and finishing setup so that help us to producing quickly and dispatch them in same day time.


We possess a standout amongst the most exceptional printing processing plants on the planet. Our product, frameworks and methodologies are centered around conveying your request on time, each time and guaranteeing its privilege first time. That needs an over the top scrupulousness and a suspicious fixation on enhancing our inventory network. We truly sweat the little stuff.

Pre-press equipments we are using:

Agfa Avalon B1 CTP plate setter running Agfa Amigo developer-free, aluminium printing plates.
Agfa Acento IIs CTP plate setter running Agfa Amigo developer-free, aluminium printing plates.
Agfa Acento IIs CTP plate setter running Agfa Azura developer-free, aluminium printing plates.

All our CTP plate make with latest technology SIP3 link, which means max 2% genaration lose from graphices to plate.

Epson 7900 proofer
Epson 9000 FOGRA calibrated proofing system
Epson 9800 FOGRA calibrated proofing system
Screen 3050 B2 film image setter

Agfa Apogee 6 workflow with Agfa Portal Web Approval system and Sublima screening.

Press equipments we are using:

4 Six colour B1 SM Heidelberg and 3 Six colour B2 SM Heidelberg presses


SM 102 CD-6LX UV

Sheet Size:
72 x 102 cm

Colours: 6

Speed: 15,000 / hrs

Equipped With:

::CP 2000 -Axis Control
::Alcolor Vario Dampening
::Refrigeration and Recirculation System
::Automatic Blanket Wash
::Automatic Impression Cylinder Wash
::Dry Powder Spray Unit
::Eltex Anti-Static Device

Special Features:

::Computer Controls
::Auto Plate Loading

Heidelberg SM 74-6-P3+L

Colour: 6

Speed: 15,000 / hrs

Equipped With:
::CP 2000 -Axis Control
::Alcolor -Preset
::Autoplate perfecting 2/3
::Elektronisch double sheetcontrol
::Alphatronic 200 Dry Star 2000
::Lackwerk 2 Walzen System

Post Press equipments we are using:


6 Polar 115 B1size guillotines.


Polar 115

7 MBO & 1 Heidelberg Stalh folders.

MBO and Heidelberg

3 x MBO B30, 3 x B123, 1 x MBO T530 and 1 x Stalh T52

Equipped With:

Round pile feeder
4 Folding plates first unit
Slitting and scoring
4 folding plates second unit
closed gate fold plate
Mobile delivery
4 folding plates third unit
Mobile delivery

2 Heidelberg B1 and 2 Heidelberg B2 size Die Cutting and Creasing cylinder.


B1 and B2
Stitch Line::

3 Mullar Martini and 1 Heidelberg stitching machine.

Mullar and Heidelberg

Equipped With:
Hand feeding station, gathering stations 210E, set-up element, milling and roughening station, Hot melt spine and side gluing, stream cover feeder, nipping station, lay-down delivery, conveyor belts, three-knife trimmer Merit, OMG Cucciolo, chain stations, signature feeding stations, cover feeder, Pumps, stitching unit, Stitching heads, Dual pocket delivery.
Technical specifications:
Max. mechanical speed: adjustable from 3.700 to 7.200 copies/hour
Max. untrimmed signature size: 335 x 230 mm or 330 x 305 mm
Min. trimmed size: 148 x 105 mm

Lamination Machine::
1 APL B1 thermal lamination machine.


Ultaviolet (UV) Machine::

1 APL B1 Ultaviolet (UV) flood roll coater machine.


Spot Ultaviolet (Spot UV) Machine::

1 APL B1 Spot Ultavilet (Spot UV) machine.
1 ATMA (USA) B2 Spot Ultavilet (Spot UV) machine.


B1 & B2


About Printing Café your cheapest online printing supplier in UK and Europe

Since 2000 Printing Cafe been providing quality full colour print across the UK and Europe to over 70,000 customers, www.printingcafe.co.uk  not a print re seller and print everything in house at our factory in London – this is why we are one of the only litho and digital printer online who can offer same day dispatch and guaranteed delivery the next day working day – as we have full control of your order every step of the way!

About Re sellers of Printing Café the cheapest online printing supplier in UK and Europe

Printing Café is also the trade suppler for print re sellers. We want to provide all our print re sellers cheapestprintonline price with next day, same day or even 24h turnaround delivery time. Whether you are looking for small quantity cheap flyers, business card, presentation folder printing or Bulk quantity cheap spot uv business card printing, or brochure we can produce them in a very low cost price for you.