Spot UV (Ultra Violet) alludes to the situation of a gleaming covering on particular territories of the card. While polished business cards are glossy everywhere, spot UV business cards are normally printed on non-sparkly card stock like silk (and for this situation with a Matt Laminate covering as well). The spot UV shine is then covered over the silk business card stock on particular parts of the card.

We print Spot UV on single and twofold sided business cards.

1.The first step is very simple, you just need to put together the artwork or the colour printed part of your artwork as you would do for a double sided business card.

Export as a press ready PDF in CMYK, with 3mm bleed


Front of business card

Back of business card

2. Presently you have to make another PDF containing just the ranges on the card the Spot UV will be connected to.

Any ranges you might want to have the Spot UV connected to needs to be set as 100% dark, supplant any color pictures with dark regions, and set any content to 100% dark.

The most effortless approach to do this is and to guarantee all your craftsmanship will line up toward the end is to begin from your unique work of art. Spare a duplicate of your color configuration work (Illustrator or Indesign records, not the last PDF) and name it Myfilename_spotuv

Uproot ALL AREAS OF ARTWORK which are not intended to have the Spot UV connected and evacuate any impacts or shadows.

Send out your work of art as a Press prepared PDF with literally the same settings as your shade symbolism, guarantee you highlight in the record name of your Spot UV PDF that it is the Spot UV symbolism, and to which side of the print it is to be connected – please verify this is clear as we offer twofold sided spot uv business cards.

You can likewise add extra protests the spot UV record, which are not in the first shade symbolism to add surface to your card. Case in point, Spot UV connected to a robust dark Matt Laminated foundation is a simple method for making an extremely successful and staggering visual impact.

When your fulfilled by your work of art records, transfer them both to your request, include any craftsmanship notes which you feel are applicable, and we will get your print out to you quickly.

Printing process