How to Assemble A Roll Up / Pull Up / Roller Banner

Step by step tutorial How to Assemble A Roll Up / Pull Up / Roller Banner  simple steps to setup and collapse a standee.

First time users might be a little confused when setting up their standee. This blog post guides you through the basic steps with illustrations on how to proceed with the installation. Also enlisted are some simple precautions for prolonging the life of your standee.

Step 1 – Place the standee on a straight surface where there is enough space for both you and the standee. Never drop a standee on a hard surface. The corners are the most fragile parts of the standee and contain the spring.

Roller banner assemble step 1

Step 2 – Unzip the cover near the edge and pull out the standee. Retain the cover for later use. Safe guarding a standee from dust goes a long way in enhancing its life.

Roller banner assemble step 2

Step 3 – On one edges of the standee you will see a set of 3 aluminium pipes interconnected with an elastic string. This is the vertical support rod. Separate it from the standee.

Roller banner assemble step 3

Step 4 – Now place the standee upside down on a smooth surface and twist open the two feet at the bottom. Make these perpendicular to the direction of the standee. Now flip the standee and place it on these feet.

Roller banner assemble step 4

Step 5 – Straighten out the 3 interconnected rods you separated from the standee in Step 3. Align the ends together to make it a single straight rod.

Roller banner assemble step 5

Step 6 – Now insert the ends connected with string one into the other till it becomes one single rigid rod. The rod will now be 6 feet in length or as per the size of the standee you purchased. Take care not to hit a person or objects in your proximity.

Step 7 – One end of the rod has a plastic cap and the other end does not. Hold the rod vertical and insert the end without the plastic cap into the hole on the top surface of the standee as shown in the image.

Roller banner assemble step 7

Step 8 – Inserting the rod can be a little difficult since the slot is meant to be tight. Rotate the rod if necessary as you push it into the slot.

Roller banner assemble step 8

Step 9 – You must keep pushing the rod till it goes all the way into the channel and touches the bottom most surface of the standee. This is very important since the standee will not stay upright if the rod is not completely inserted and a partially inserted rod can also damage the standee frame and render it useless.

Roller banner assemble step 9

Step 10 – Now put one foot each on the 2 feet of the standee to stabilise it, bend down and start pulling up the banner rolled into the standee. Please only hold onto the top channel attached to the banner. Holding or pulling the banner can stretch and damage it resulting in a shoddy appearance of the standee. Also use both your feet on both the feet of the standee. Stepping down on only one foot of the standee can damage it.

Roller banner assemble step 10

Step 11 – As you straighten up, keep pulling the banner till it is 2 to 3 inches above the top end of the vertical support rod. Do not pull hard on the banner once it reaches the limit since this can damage the standee. Always use both hands. Take care not to let go of the top channel of the banner since a standee is very easily damaged if it rolls up with too fast with an impact. It must always be rolled up slowly with the banner aligned with the edges of the standee case. Never let go of the banner with a jerk.

Roller banner assemble step 11

Step 12 – Now slowly let the banner roll down 2-3 inches while aligning the top channel on the banner with the slot in the plastic cap of the vertical support rod. If required twist the rod to align its slot with the top channel. Once the blade of the channel is fully inserted into the slot, you can let go of the standee.

Roller banner assemble step 12

That’s it. You’re done. Step back and admire your standee.

Follow the steps in reverse order to pack up your standee once you’re done using it.

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