Litho Printing is expensive for small business and slow

litho printing

When authors want to print their next book, they contact a publisher and to print thousands of copies publishes uses a technology called offset printing. It is basically a low-cost solution for printing in large quantity.

But when it comes to printing for small business who already operate in low-budget, digital printing is the right choice. The overall cost is low, and the speed of printing is fast which makes it easy to print at a short notice.

For small businesses the quality is especially improved which makes it easy for the Entrepreneurs to get fast printing done in high-quality.

The Litho printing speed offers certain advantages over offset printing. Once you understand these advantages you’ll be able to understand the true power of digital fast printing

Advantages of Digital Printing

  • Small startups often need personalised printing. The printing is mainly done for branding. When you create something, which is custom-made it leaves a solid effect on the person receiving it. For instance, one of my friend wanted to print custom mugs and give it to the customers. The problem was that he needed to get high-quality mugs, which was made possible by digital printing.
  • The printing costs is too low as compared to Litho printing. If as a business you’re planning to print some brochure for your upcoming event, it is a good idea to go for digital printing solutions because of its fast printing and low-cost without affecting the quality of the product. While on the other hand Litho printing is too slow and per copy cost will rise to the sky.
  • While printing branding material for a business the colour accuracy is not that much of a problem. So, here again the digital printing comes to the rescue. Sure, the colour accuracy in digital printing might not be the best, but it has other capabilities which cover the colour problem well.
  • For digital printing the turnaround time is quick. If you simply provide ready files to the print supplier, it will be easy to create a digital copy out of that. And you can create as many copies as you like. Also, there is no need of further processing required for the digital prints. The dying ink is not a problem of digital printing because the prints that come out of the printer are already dry, ready to be cut, or any other process.If you want to print some thing same day digital printing is the best solution.
  • If you’re willing to use the standard sizing, weights, and the kind of papers that you want to use, digital printing is the correct choice for you. For a wider range of printing for Litho printing speed which is rare in small businesses offset printing is the go-to thing.
  • For branding purpose, you often time will need sales brochure or catalogues. And this can only be done with a digital printing. As it is fast and do make inexpensive returns. If you want to make changes in the design, you can do it and the digital form can be produced without spending much on the price. In short, the printing supplier will help you print digital prints which will be cost effective and will last longer than Litho printing speed.
  • Another advantage is that all the prints are identical which means that the quality will not be suffered. If you’re using two colours, the digital printing will print the same colours with the same colour intensity. There will be no change in the colours and quality of the product.

When to use Digital Printing?

If you’re running a small business which often requires you to print out personal and low volume digital prints, you need to go with digital printing instead of offset printing.

The stationery items which are used to get large-scale orders are also printed with digital printing. The prints like letter board, business cards, and envelopes which will represent your brand and how your brand acts and showcase itself on a global scale.

For printing large quantity of books, it is good to use offset printing which doesn’t require much quality in the product. But when you need to print short run prints on on-demand prints you must choose digital printing to get the job done.

If you want to change or update information in an offset print it is nearly impossible to do so, but with digital printing it can be done easily without doing much of an effort. For instance, if you are attending two seminars and you need two business cards, you can create two copies with little changes and print that out.

How to decide what printing should be used?

When printing for a startup it is all about the time, material, and volume of the digital print.

With offset printing it is difficult to print in a timely manner. But as startups need to pitch to investors and they need fast printing which can only be done on the digital prints.

With offset printing there are limited material options as the quality of the product is suffered when used on another material. But with digital printing this is not the case. You can use digital printing on any material. In fact, some material like plastic and soft metal looks brilliant when people offer business cards that are printed in this format.

If you want to see the proof of what the end output will be, digital printing wins big time. In this you’ll be able to see what output you’ll get in the end and you don’t have to print to know the output, you can see it digitally and make the relevant changes before sending the file for printing.

If you’re big on colours offset colour is the right choice. But small businesses rarely worry about the colours in their prints. This doesn’t mean that colours are not important, the problem with digital printing is that at times it gets difficult to sort out the right colours.

The bottom line

While there are personal preferences of every business,But we  when it comes to startups, it is often all about time, quality, and accuracy. These all of three can only be guaranteed with digital printing.

It is up to you to make the right choice. Which type of printing you want? Are you willing to go with the old school printing or you’ll prefer the digital print which will give you many options to play with?

Like everything else, this too can aid the expertise of your business. For instance, if you don’t know which type of printing will be good for your business, try asking this question to your designer. He will guide better, and then you’ll remember this blog post.