best printing software 2020

Print management software organizes all procedures that happen between printing equipment and the devices needing print jobs. The expenses related to business printers comprise more than paper and ink. By receiving a printer management program, organizations can gain visibility of how individuals are utilizing the printers.




printer management software 2020

Paper Cut Print Management Software

PaperCut is one of the most respectable printer management software, with a diversified customer base over the globe. One of the one of kind usefulness of this product is its point by point examinations, which are executed in your group or workers’ utilization of the product. PaperCut supports driving printer brands like Epson, Konica, Samsung, Dell, Minolta, Fuji Xerox and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. 

This printing management software is likewise the suggested choice of well-known printer brands, for example, Oki, Ricoh, and Toshiba. This makes it one of the most flexible printing management software in the market, as far as seller similarity. Consequently, PaperCut is perfect for various sorts of organizations, going from training to back to development. 

Moreover, PaperCut tracks printers’ utilization and quickly cautions you when a printing convention/arrangement is damaged. For example, you, as a group head, are managing the chance of designating print amounts to your colleagues, to assist the work process and spare expense. 

For this situation, when a group or a representative’s quantity is met, he/she would be not able to make further printing, until you assign another amount to him/her. With this, you can keep steady over each printing procedure inside your specialty unit. 

PaperCut offers a free form (with essential highlights) for up to 5 clients, which is perfect for private ventures. For medium-scale and huge organizations, the product is accessible at the pace of $10 per client ($250 for 25 clients). 


  • Simple configuration
  • Time-saving
  • No print server needed
  • No IT support needed
  • Less hardware require
  • Automation facility




equatric printing software


Equitrac is one of the main printing management software that decreases costs, while likewise encouraging the viable administration of the printing work process. The product, which was created by Nuance, is the suggested choice of top printer makers like Konica Minolta, Fuji Xerox, Ricoh, and others. Aside from these makers, Equitrac is likewise perfect with conspicuous printer brands like Canon, HP, and Sharp. 

What’s more, Equitrac has a print following framework, which uses a lot of robotized highlights to track and screen each printing task. Additionally, the product limits “Toner” utilization to as low as sensibly practicable during the printing process. You can likewise set orders like “confining the measure of hued printing” or “imprinting in highly contrasting as it were”. 

Moreover, the product can likewise deal with your general printing process. For example, it robotizes printing capacities and direct/divert prints, based on accessible printers, just as their separate limits. This, without question, spares time and cost.

By the by, Equitrac is powerful software, which, if appropriately actualized, would effectively deal with your print work process, and spare you important time and cash. To get the product contact their client assistance to get a statement for your business.




uniFLOW printer management software

UniFLOW is a result of Canon (the main printer brand), and it is intended to compose the work process of various printers. The Canon-built up software’s essential point is to decrease printing expenses, and it is outfitted with each significant instrument, expected to accomplish this point. 

This printing management software can be modified, following your business’s operational model. Business administrators can adapt the utilization of their printers, and the use of every printer is introduced in a very much nitty-gritty graphical report. 

The wide scope of office gadgets bolstered by UniFLOW makes it stand apart among its friends. Profiles can be opened for various clients, with a particular printing portion for every client. At the point when the standard is depleted, printing consequently stops.

Likewise, UniFlow’s usefulness isn’t appropriate to printers alone, it additionally works splendidly with Scanners, fax machines, and Photocopiers. It likewise offers cloud-based systems, just as on-premise base arrangements. 

UniFLOW additionally sets aside the client’s cash by directing various prints to various printers, as for every printer’s ability. Normally, little and touchy print occupations are sent to laser printers, while huge print loads are sent to the main printer. In a similar style, you can arrange your printing designs; as shaded prints, dark and white prints, or both. 


In conclusion, UniFLOW is a top-quality printing management software that centers more around enhancing the printing work process, with the essential point of lessening printing cost to as low as could be expected under the circumstances.