What is Spot UV Printing?

Here we are going to explain what is Spot UV.

UV Spot Business Card

Spot UV Printed Business Card

Spot UV or UV Spot leads to a bright coating added on a part of printing stuff, this will be notified by a very reflective shine when it catches the light.

Let’s know How is it Done and How Does it work.

Spot UV can make your design really stand out. you would like to plan for this along with your print supplier within the early stages of the design process. Although this is often not done at the design stage, it’s a print process applied right at the top after the printing, but before employment is folded or guillotined.
As soon as the ink is applied to the body, then the Spot UV is added on top. Almost like another skin of ink, gloss spot UV seems like a layer of sellotape. This process is either done at the top of the printing line, within a similar process of the work being printed or is completed after on a separate machine, this all depends if your print supplier has this facility added to the top of their printing presses. Its applied to be common for a full-color printer outsource this system, but because of it more often lately, most printing companies add Spot UV in house.
Spot UV is generally added to employment alongside a matt laminate, this is often to further enhance the shininess of the Spot UV. Having a matt material that obviously dulls the light helps to bring out the colorful reflectiveness of the varnish. The ‘Spot’ printing technique is nearly as if it’s another ink or separate color. If you’re printing a full-color document, then the spot process is a further coat on the highest of the remainder of the CMYK colors wont to produce the colorwork.

The benefit of Spot UV Printing

  • Resistance against Dirt
  • Great Clarity
  • Ultimate Shine
  • Environmental Friendly
  • Visible from long distance
  • Easily memorable

Spot UV effects can totally enhance the look of your business cards and other printed products such as notebook, desk pads, presentation folders, and postcards.

Cons of Spot UV Printing

The only downside to identify UV is its not an inexpensive process, its less expensive to be printed on the grid system, where your job is going to be printed with other customer’s work, therefore, sharing the pricesthis sort of printing is additionally referred to as ‘gang printing’. But even this method doesn’t make this cheap.
Widely used on business cards and little high-quality leaflets, and company brochures because it normally corporate companies who have the allow printing this system. It’s certainly isn’t to advisable to use it on Posters, the value would be maybe 3 times the maximum amount as the printing costs.
If you’re printing a bespoke order, then the value for SPOT UV depends on its size as a percentage of the general job, so a little logo with the Spot UV added may only be 10-15% of the design, this helps your print supplier estimate the value.
It does have another limitation; it doesn’t work alright with fine detail. It cannot deal with fine lines or hairlines or perhaps small fonts. But it’s the larger more solid areas which tend to assist with its success, flat square or rounded oval logo work alright and the larger the space, the more it’ll reflect.

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