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Our A4 presentation folders are fully customized / personalized for printing with your design and logo.It is also known as A4 over sized presentation folder and the size is bigger then A4 size so the paper can fit inside and some space to move.We offer a4 interlocking folders so no need for glue.peel and seal assemble or any manual work.The comes flat in the box so you can save space for storage and can use when you need it.We can do both without or with 5-7mm so that you have extra space for your inserts (Please let us know which one are you looking for after ordering).

Single sided full colour print with Lower clip includes slot for business card

Artwork: 537mm x 407mm

After you order please email us for A4 presentation folder template 

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If you want quick turnaround we offer short run digital Next Day Presentation Folders (Please contact us for price) 

We also take order for any custom or bespoke size folders.


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Why us:

  • 100% customized with your logo and design
  • A4 presentation folders with pockets and business card slot
  • Thick spine for extra space for inserts
  • High quality presentation folder printing with extra lamination or Spot UV option.
  • Free delivery anywhere in the UK
  • Both sided printing (Please contact us)
  • Oversized A4 folders perfect for A4 size paper


There are several reasons why A4 presentation folders can be the right decision for a good marketing campaign, and here are just some of them:

Your business partners and clients can store their important documents. And while they are keeping their office neat, they are constantly being reminded on your company just by simply looking at those A4 folders. Also with that everything can be organized much better, starting from business cards to fly sheets, as they become easier to carry.

A good size and own branded  A4 presentation folders personalised with your logo & company information will easily incorporate your company’s identity.

A presentation folder A4 size which have lot of space and A4 presentation folders with pockets will also influence your business partners and clients while at the same time presenting winning sales for example.

Design to make A4 presentation folders personalised :

You are able to design your presentation folder A4 as creative as you want, but you need to make sure that you are doing it in a way that you are engaging the clients with your products/service.

Your A4 folder for presentation will look fuller if you use a full colour printing process.

If you use four colour process for A4 presentation document wallets, and at the same time highlight your products and services, you will definitely catch your clients curiosity.

The most important feature of A4 printed folders are the printed artwork, so if the folder is designed well, the opinion of a certain products or company will be much higher. Also, on such personalized A4 folders, the logo of the company should be printed in a size that is bigger than the size of other images.

The entire process of A4 folder printing should be designed good and should be made in a large size. A business folder will have pockets ( Also know as A4 presentation folders with pockets) and will have the possibility to be opened from both sides. These pockets are excellent for carrying other marketing materials such as CDs, photo albums or manuals. The A4 printed folders outside appearance should have a nice finish. Try as often as possible to opt for nice glossy finishes.

Cheap A4 Presentation folders:

Before the existence of A4 presentation document wallets, business presentation normally had very negative results and very expensive. Most of these documentations were followed by plain and boring pre- make unbranded folders, and with the introduction of cheap A4 presentation folders with your branding, the interests for the actual meetings have grow up because of the affordable price, size and quality. The main goal of such A4 folders, at the time when they were created an even now is a high level of professionalism through their appearance.

A4 presentation folders with pockets:

A good quality A4 folder printing will ensure that it will be able to catch the eye of your potential clients and this is something you should be aiming for, the world of business is full of competition, and when handing over your promotional material to your business partners and clients, the first thing they will see is the presentation folder , not the promotional material being held inside of it. So, it is not rare that people say that the right size Next day A4 presentation folders with quick turnaround can make or break one sale. The chance to make a good positive impression is only one time, so it shouldn’t be wasted.

For example, you can give away your A4 presentation folders with pockets at trade shows, and even when you are planning some bigger marketing meetings, it can look very nice if all the assemble gets a same folder and it is also handy as you have the business card slot to put your business cards and space for other marketing materiel’s. Reinforcing the right message is the only way to success, and this way you can show that not only you are professional but your company a well. thanks to little gestures as the mentioned one, you are literary showing that you care.

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