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If you own a business then having a signboard on your building, store or office is a must. If there is no signboard then the customers or other visitors won’t be able to know that your business exists. When it comes to getting a perfect you can use different materials like a corflute sheet etc. You can even use signage made of conventional material like wood. But if you want to go for something modern and contemporary then you can use A0 foam board or A2 foam board or Foamex board. All foam boards are made up of sustainable plastic which makes it ideal to be used as a signboard.

Foamex Printing:

Foam board or Foamex is a lightweight and versatile material that is made from a high-quality PVC foam sheet which can be bent, cut, and print with ease. The flexibility offered by Foamex makes it great for flat applications such as displays and signage and can be used both outdoors and indoors. Foamex is not foamy as its name shows. Instead, it is dense and rigid. The fine cell structure and smooth surface of Foamex make it an ideal material for a 6 color digital printing process that uses eco-friendly UV ink. Foamex printing can make professional and high-quality signage featuring a laminated high gloss finish making it eye-catching and attention-grabbing.

Foam Board Printing:

A foam board A0 has several unique features and one of them is its cool imagery. Using foam board printing you can easily get printed huge images on the foam board and it will serve as a great backdrop for the logo of your company or other branding material. Having a professionally designed signage for your store is eye-catching and will grab the attention of the customers and visitors quickly. So a sign that is made of Foamex or foam board is a perfect way to show your business to your customers.  Using foam board printing you can get the Foamex signs of your business using different classy and beautiful shades. You can easily make your business excel by using these small and beautiful Foamex signs.

Foamex Board Printing:

While getting signage for your business it is very that important that you should look out for your budget too. But don’t worry because Foamex board printing is cost-effective and budget-friendly. Unlike other signage made from other materials like wood, you can get several signages for your business that are made of Foamex board at a reasonable price. Moreover, customized Foamex board printing allows you to get customized signage for your business. Another great thing about Foamex boards is that they keep your walls or areas where you place your signage safe as they are lightweight and you just have to use detachable glue to show them.

Foamex is water-repellent as well as weatherproof and neither it absorbs moisture. Therefore it means that it will neither bend nor break when it is being used outdoor so it makes it the best option for using outdoors. Signs made up of Foamex are also UV so they won’t fade away when they are exposed to sunlight. Foamex signs are durable too and come with a guarantee of 7 years for outdoor use and 10 years for indoor use.

Foamex Signs:

As far as Foamex printing is concerned you will have to get services of a professional printing firm for foam printing. Well for foam board printing UK Printing Cafe is the best option because we will provide high-quality and nicely designed Foamex boards. Our board printing service is the cheapest in the entire UK and we also have Foamex board printing next day delivery service.

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