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Looking for Cheap & amazing deals on full colour postcard printing? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Printed in amazing full colour, these postcards can be used as invitations, tickets, mailers… or even postcards! Just like the postcards you get at the seaside, ours are printed on sturdy 250 micron postcard board which is semi-glossy to the front (great for photos!) and matt to the reverse (ideal for writing on).

Select from our range of standard sizes or specify your own! Add an extra layer of protection and sophistication by adding gloss or matt lamination.

Printing Cafe, your online postcard printing superstore. The home of cheap postcard printing.

Want cheap postcard? You’ve come to the right place. Want cheap looking postcard, look elsewhere! Why pay more for your postcard? Use our unbelievably easy-to-use website to create your own customised postcard printing quotation, in an instant. Simply click on a size above to begin.

First, choose whether you’d like us to print your postcards in stunning full colour or in black and white (remember, it’s been proven that full colour postcards achieve a much better response rate than their black and white equivalents so a cheap mono postcard may prove to be a false economy). Next, select from an extensive range of paper types and finishes, including our new range of recycled papers (they’re so good you wont believe they’re recycled but they are, honest!) Then decide the quantity you require and click on the relevant price. Finally, decide whether you’re going to upload your own artwork or take advantage of the skill and experience of our designers via our fixed price, low cost artwork and design services.

If you’re not quite ready to order we’ll email your quote directly to your inbox. You can then amend your postcard printing quote at any time or use it to place your order with one mouse click. Our highly secure ordering system allows you to pay for your order using most popular debit and credit cards.
What happens next?

Well, if you’ve chosen to take advantage of our free printed proof offer we will post one out to you straight away via First Class Royal Mail post. If you’ve opted for an on-screen (PDF) proof, we’ll email a proof to you for approval. Using our intuitive online proof feedback system, you’re able to approve your proof instantly (or let us know if you’ve spotted any problems). Once we’ve got your approval to proceed we’ll print and deliver your postcard printing order within 3 working days. Deliveries take place Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5.30pm. A signature is required.
Supplying your own artwork?

We accept postcard printing artwork in most popular Mac and PC file formats but please refer to our Artwork Supply Guidelines before uploading your files to our site as your printed postcards will only be as good as the artwork you provide. Also, please double check your artwork for spelling errors, typos and other problems prior to supplying it to us as subsequent changes may attract additional charges.

Why not take advantage of the skills and experience of our in-house postcard design team? They can help you improve response rates and increase the effectiveness of your postcard printing campaign. Our fixed price, low cost Artwork and Design Services are a must for anyone wanting to squeeze the most from their marketing spend. Select our Artwork Service during the ordering process and receive a proof of your postcard direct to your inbox within 2 working days. We will then amend the content of your postcard in response to your feedback before a final printed proof is supplied to you for sign-off.
If you’d prefer to create your own postcard artwork there are a few things you should consider:

Colours: Numerous studies have shown that full colour postcards attract a far higher response rate than a black-and-white equivalent. That’s why we print all our postcards in full colour. That said, if you want black-and-white simply select this during the ordering process. By the way, we specialise in full colour printing and therefore do not offer postcard printing in ‘spot’ colours. In other words, we can either print your postcard in full colour OR black-and-white. So if you don’t want black-and-white then you may as well go to town… use as many colours as you wish and include full colour photographs or illustrations. There’s no extra cost!

Resolution: Please be aware that a photograph or other ‘bitmap’ image requires a resolution of just 72dpi (dots per inch) for it to appear clear and sharp on a computer monitor. However, the same image requires a resolution of 300dpi for it to appear sharp when printed professionally. Therefore always check the resolution of your artwork. Just because your design looks great on screen doesn’t mean it will reproduce correctly when printed. For further information about postcard printing and artwork resolution visit Tom’s Blog.

Layout: Always keep text and other important elements of your design at least 3mm away from the edge of the postcard. Although we use highly sophisticated printing equipment, some movement is inherent within the printing process so if you place something too near to the edge of your postcard it could be trimmed off.

Bleed: A professional graphic designer will always add ‘bleed’ to their postcard artwork. Bleed is the method designers use to ensure that the postcards they get back from their printing company don’t have ugly white borders around the edges. You see, despite all the recent advances in printing technology some movement – albeit only a fraction of a millimetre – still occurs during the postcard printing process. To compensate for this movement, designers add bleed to their artwork. They extend by around 4mm beyond the edge of their artwork, any design elements they would like to touch the edge of the postcard. So for instance, if you wanted to include a background colour which covered the entire area of your postcard, you would extend this colour approx 4mm beyond each edge of your postcard artwork. This means that any movement during printing will not result in ugly white borders around the edge of your postcard. For further information about bleed visit Tom’s Blog.
Need help?

Printing cafe isn’t just another faceless web company. We’re a team of marketing, design and print professionals who are on hand to help you get the most from your marketing spend. So if you require any further information or advice about postcard printing please get in touch.

All you need to know about postcard printing

Postcard printing is one of the most used marketing strategies when you are planning to promote your business. However, since there are so many print companies, it is obvious that each of them print postcards in a different way. This printing service is not new, as postcards have been used for decades as one of the oldest ways of how people used to communicate, promote their businesses and similar.

The newest trend in printing postcards is the online based approach which makes postcards printing much cheaper, faster and more convenient, and saying this, most of the online printers offer inexpensive postcard printing.

How to print postcards is quite an easy process if you know what you are looking for and what you are expecting from the obtained promotional material to do for your company. So, for example, custom printed postcards need to be done in case that you are looking to make unique looking promotional content for your business needs.

There are different sizes of postcards, but some of the most common and most popular ones is the 4×6 postcard printing. Except for that you can as well opt for a 5×7 postcard printing.

So how the postcard printing process actually works? The print process itself remained the same, so it is done either with the help of a digital printer or with the help of a offset print process. What makes postcard printing online so fast and convenient is actually the process of the design and the process of ordering. Long time ago, this process was much slower because after you created a desired design, you had to take it to a print company to have it printed and then you had to wait a couple of days until everything is prepared and done.

First your design would be scanned and prepared for the digital printing, or it would be converted to a design plate in case that you opted for offset printing. Luckily, web based print stores have change this to a much better way.

Today postcard printing means that you just have to submit the desired design to the print company, and they will print it to you. A lot of online print companies offer very fast turnaround services, even up to 24 hours. Also, most of the online print stores will offer as well overnight postcard printing but this service will always cost more. For this reason, and if you are trying to save some money, make sure to place your orders in advance and on time. But it is not just the fastness of the entire process that made online print stores so convenient.

If you are looking for the right design of your marketing material, the thing is that these online printers give you the opportunity to create a unique design through their web site, and in this case we are talking about real online design in the true sense of words. Printed postcards this way can show positive results very fast.

When you are looking to print postcards cheap, online printers are the best choice. Some of the online print companies will offer discount postcard printing depending on the number of copies you are asking for. The more you order, the bigger the discount will be. You can as well check out if some of the online printers offer free postcard printing where you will get the opportunity to get a sample work for them to see whether they can handle the job you are planning to ask from them.

But when you are preparing to communicate with your potential clients, try to put yourself into their position and try to image what would attract you at one promotional material. Is it how it looks, is it what it says? The truth is that with the right postcard printing service, you will actually be able to create a promotional material that is supposed to be read in the moment. So, this means that you need to keep a couple of things on your mind:

Be short and clear. If you manage to limit what you have to say, the clients will be more focused on the promotion itself and what you are trying to promote. But never fail to include the web page of your company, where new clients can seek necessary information.

Make sure that the postcard design is elegant but that at the same time doesn’t look cheap. Don’t use too many colors, and what you are actually looking for here is to use a vibrant design. Only by sticking to these two simple rules, your postcard printing promotional campaign can become your goldmine, in the real sense of meaning.
If you are interested into knowing how the postcard printing process really works, then you are on the right place as we will try to explain everything in a few easy steps. Online postcard printing is easy and fast, but the first step that you will have to overcome when looking to have your postcards done is the design. In this situation you will have to opt for some of the basic templates offered on the web site of the company in case that you don’t have already your unique postcard design. The chosen template should be then customized with the right text message and right photos/images. In case that we are talking about a marketing related promotional material, don’t forget to include the logo of your company as well.

When choosing some of the available design templates for your postcard, you will have the opportunity to customize its headline, to customize the entire postcard with a front and back text message and to insert proper pictures. Customizing your design template is very simple, and will not take of much of your free time if you know what you are looking for.

Color postcard printing is a necessity when you are looking to make professionally done marketing material that will showcase success. A full color postcard printing is a necessity when you are looking to make professionally done promotional material. For this reason, here are some tips on how you can use color in your favor for your postcard printing:

A good color combination will help your clients to associate your business with the specific color combination

Try to use the same color combination that you use in your brand logo
Whenever possible opt for offset printing for better, clearer and cleaner color prints

Make sure to use lighter color for images and darker for text or vice versa as this will make the readability of your promotional material much better
Make sure to stick to the color wheel when choosing the right color combinations

Use your imagination
Colors are fun and enjoyable, so whenever you are planning and making some promotional material for your next marketing campaign, use all the possible benefits that colors can give

In the postcard printing process, it is very important that you stick to the right postcard customization. What this means? It is quite obvious that if you are going to use it as a marketing material that you will not use the design template as it is but you will rather add the logo of the company, the brand, and even some inviting or supporting message that your clients would find interesting. You can do the same for the part of the postcard that will contain the address, but don’t forget to leave the address area blank. Custom postcard printing is at the same time making your print material look unique and different from the other.

If you think that you did a satisfactory job then you need to finalize the design. This means that you will be given a form of proof, such as for example a JPEG or a PDF image file so that you can see how your final work will look like after its printed. This is the stage where you can still make some necessary changes if needed. If you are satisfied with how the final result will be, you are free to move further with the process.

Working with an online printer makes things always much easier and smoother, and this is also one of the reasons how you can easily apply to some mailing list. If you have your own mailing list, this is always a very good solution. But with the development of EDDM, and if this is the way your marketing campaign will be directed, you don’t even need to use any mailing lists but just rather have the right indicia printed on each postcard that will be sent to all of your clients.

There are actually different postcard printing options and you will have to choose the right one for your business needs. These printing options will normally vary from one to another print company, however almost all of them will have the following options ready for your print material – print on glossy coating, print on card stock, print on paper. Normally, the most popular paper stock for postcard printing is the glossy card stock. And to give a more professional look to your postcard, you can use a full color printing on both of the sides.

But except for color postcards printing there is as well black and white postcard printing though this is not the best solution when you are trying to make some impact on the market with your promotional material.

This way, your postcards will not just look more professional but will actually pop out in the mailbox of your potential client among many other promotional materials that he/she might receive that day as well.

Some of the online print companies will also offer different mailing options and some of them will offer none. This will depend on that you are looking for, but as mentioned earlier you can either opt for the EDDM version for mailing your promotional material or rather for the Standard Mail or First Class mailing option. All of these will have different costs of course.

After you completed the previous steps which begin with the creation of the design and end with choosing the mailing list, it is the right time to review your order. Here you will be able to check your current order, the number of postcards ordered, printing options, and in the end the total cost of the entire order. If you agree with everything, you will need to submit the order and pay for it. From your point of a view, as a customer of the online print store, this is where everything ends, and now is up to the printing company to start their print preparations and print process.

Looking to the previously explained scenario, you can easily come to a conclusion that postcard printing is very convenient when done with the help of online print stores. You as a customer will “communicate” only with the web site of the print company, and the best of all is that this is a very easy and simple process to be followed.

Postcard printing and mailing is in the end a very simple process, easy to follow, and that can make any marketing campaign bloom. Different companies will have a different budget to spend on their marketing campaigns but the thing is that that it is not that the most expensive campaign will have the best effect on a certain number of audiences. Postcard printing is a very affordable marketing campaign for small companies that cannot afford TV commercials, billboards and similar.

In many situations postcard printing is associated with mailing. This is because both f the mentioned services work one in a favor of the other or in other words they work hand in hand. Here are some of the most important benefits of postcard printing and mailing services:

The printing company gives a instant quote for the postcard printing service, and all that you as a client have to do is choose the right color, size, specs and paper stock. These instant quotes are a excellent opportunity for small business to get an idea of how much this printing service will affect their budget.
A lot of online print companies offer very quality mailing services to their clients such as EDDM by the United States Postal Service.
Postcards can be very personal, and this s what clients like – the feeling that one company is actually communicating with them directly. This shows a certain feeling of respect towards the clients which is hugely appreciated.
Postcard advertising is not as fleeting as TV and radio commercials, internet advertising, telemarketing and similar.
If you are looking for a cheap and efficient way of maintaining the contact with your clients, postcard printing is the right solution for your needs. Maintaining good relationship with the clients will always improve the transactions, and this is something that any business is expecting to happen.
You can print your own postcards the way it suits the best your business. When you print postcards online you will not only save money, but as well get a cheap and successful marketing material that will be seen and that will come into contact with thousands of new clients. Cheap postcards printing services are offered by many online printers. Postcard printing services can be obtained both at local and online print companies, however online postcard prints give a much better relation between the price and quality.

Postcard printing is also considered to be one of the most efficient direct marketing tools. They are cheap, and you can have cheap postcard printing services by many online printers. When we say the word “postcard” we start to think right away on postcards that we buy when we go to some travel trip, but postcards are more than that.

How one can advertise with the help of postcards is very simple – postcards are sent to different clients through mail, and as they have the ability to come in direct contact with new clients, they are considered to be a very successful marketing tool. Getting into a direct contact with the audiences is very important especially if you are trying to sell something.

In the end, we can easily say that postcard printing is one of the easiest ad best choices when you want your business to expand. It has a lot of benefits and a lot of hidden potentials as well, and after they are discovered, postcard printing can do a lot of positive stuff for your business.
Postcards are a very effective advertising material. In fact, they are one of the most used marketing tools because they don’t require envelopes to be sent, and when sent to potential customers a good thing is that a stamp can be printed directly on them.
Also, postcards as a marketing tool look very professional, and can be printed very easily at any online print company. A good thing is that they are available in a variety of sizes, styles and shapes and can be printed in a very fast turnaround time.

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