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A roll up banner is a great marketing tool where you print your desired product, service, or event related messages to carry it easily anywhere you need. It is a kind of portable banner where the whole message is printed on high quality canvas with attached robust metal stand. Basically, you can use a roll up banner for many different purposes. It is used as an important resource for different kinds of exhibitions, events, conferences and trade shows. They are also used to show point of sell material of business and shop owners in order to make a big impact.

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Generally a roll up banner’s standard height is 200 cm. you can also customize the size according to your need as mostly the available sizes range from 85-200 cm. A roll-up banner comes with lots of features and great advantages to help you for your product’s promotion. There are many ways to advertise a product to seek the attention of the customers to make them buy it. One of the easiest, cost-effective ways to do it is to use roll-up banners. You can simply roll it up and again open it back and put it anywhere according to your need.

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If you are organizing a trade show where you need to show your products in a cost effective and smart way, then you won’t go wrong choosing rolling banners for that purpose. They are also ideal form of banners for exhibitions for having the features like- reusable, customizable, and effortless to assemble. This form of banner is also widely used in seminars and conferences for these very versatile features.

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While designing your roll up banner to serve your need the best way possible, you need to remember few key factors. The logo should be at the top; high quality targeted images should be added; aesthetic design, eye catching colour need to be there; text and spacing should be easily readable and you need to choose the right banner size before you finalize to print your roll up banner.

To help you choosing all these important factors for an ideal roll up banner, Printing Cafe is there for you as a perfect guide. We offer all sorts of roll up banner printing service according to your need. You can go through our website to select and choose all the necessary inputs to get your desired roll up banner. Either you want to come to our shop to order your banners or you can simply order through online, the way you feel comfort.

We have sample designs for you, so that it becomes easier to choose the right option. To order online, select your design or give your design idea if you don’t have any; choose paper thickness, kind of canvas you want; banner stand type, quantity and dispatch timing as well. We are there for your need 24/7 and our service is one of the most promising printing services all around UK. If you want urgent delivery, then we have 24 hours turnaround service.

Quick FAQ:

What is your Roll up banner size?

Ans:Our Roll up banner size is 850mm x 2000mm without bleed (UK Standard)

Do you offer Roll up banner template?

Ans: Yes we offer ready to go and easy to use free Roll up banner template. Download from below

roller banner adobe illustrator templateroller banner adobe photoshop templateroller banner pdf template
Do you offer Roll up banner designs?

Ans: Our in house designer can produce high quality Roll up banner designs. 

Do you offer Roll up banner mockup before printing?

Ans: If you choose our artwork check option we will send you roll up banner mockup before printing.

What are your Roll up banner dimensions?

Ans: Now we don’t offer many roll up banner dimensions only UK Standard 850mm wide x 2000mm High  available. 

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