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Low cost Folder & Presentation Folders printing Next day:

At printing cafe we think that image is very important. If you are doing a presentation or simply need to hold some information in a clear and concise way, then our presentation folders are the answer. We can provide you with luxury professional oversized A4 Folders & A5 Folders, printed on 300gsm or 400gsm card with the option to finish with gloss or matt lamination for next day. No creasing or gluing required, the folders include neat slots to place your business cards as standard.

The folders are ideal for holding A4 or A5 sheets and also include a slot to hold a business card in the slot provided – what better way to make an impression!

The folders come either single sided or double sided depending on your choice and budget.

Why presentation folder printing is good for your business:

Business presentations would be dull and boring without right presentation folder. Even though such folders might not seem so important to some, they have a very important purpose both aesthetically and functionally.

Quality of the print

How one presentation folder will look depends mostly on the quality of the design and its print. A very good looking folder can be done by using different materials. We use extra thick card stock which means that your business folders will be durable for long run. Also our 300gsm paper is an excellent choice for the clarity of photo reproduction and your photo presentation folders.

Do you know that branded folders can be an efficient marketing tool which can increase your business success rate by 80%!!

A right folder print will present both you and the company, and the brand overall, and will therefore convince clients about your professionalism.

Presentation Folder Design:

Do you also know your own branded folders can only make a difference from your competitor if you can create a good looking design. It is simple as that.And for this, you can even use our in house graphic arts designer or try yourself by using the help of designing websites and programs.

Full colour printing the best choice when opting for a high quality promotional folders. This way you will be able to produce life like images on your custom folders and make a good impression about your business to your clients.

When it comes to presentation folder design options, there are no limits. It depends on your budget and on what would you consider as a good design. For Corporate presentation folders we recommend it to be detailed and as less colourful as possible. So that overall, these business folders can look amazingly good just as your company flyers or posters.

You can have them printed in any graphic by your choice. So, when you are already printing them, don’t use plain letters, but make them unique. Cheap presentation folder printing doesn’t have to be dull just because it doesn’t cost a lot, so make sure to include the company logo, images, and all the necessary information about your marketing campaign.

Presentation folder printing should be done with high resolution images. It is suggested that you opt for:

300dpi for graphics
400dpi for texts

Being as creative as possible can help you create excellent looking personalised presentation folders. This is a very practical marketing material; it is organizing and very useful accessory. If you invest into it at the right time and at the right place, you can keep the good image of your company intact.

presentation folder printing

Promotional Folders:

With the help of right promotional folders, it will be much easier for you to organize your overall marketing. This will give a deep edge to your business and at the same time raise the standards of your company.

Any kind of business or organisation require a high quality personalised document folder. Even if these personalised document folder might not seem so important at first glimpse, they indeed add more appeal to the business presentation that will not be forgotten very easily.

Digital marketing is not only way to promote or advertise your business.Your business can also be promoted by personalised folders that are actually more than just a paper. Your own branded personalised folders can used for:

Organization of files
Completing a presentation look
Accessory for important documents


Presentation wallets
Business folders
Corporate presentation folders
Photo presentation folders
Brochure folder

The main purpose of presentation wallets is to organize your documents and to make them complement and more interesting. Anything from magazine coves to other smaller print materials can be stored here for a better organization. For big brochure or booklet you we offer Brochure folder (enough space to fit thick brochures)

No matter if you are in the entertainment filed or business sector, you can use our presentation wallets. You can use our custom folders to give different print materials to your potential clients, for example:

To clients that want to study some product before they buy them.

To clients that want to know more about a specific campaign
For board meetings.

Printing A4 pocket folder can boost your business massively. And any business can benefit from this, so for example if we look at medical professions they can use such folders to organize their business cards, pamphlets, brochures, etc. Doctors can benefit of using these a4 pocket folder to find easier their patients records, and similar.

Personalised presentation folders can be used in any type of business, so one should definitely invest into proper printed presentation folders while at the same time keeping on mind the following information:

Most of the businesses agree that one of the greatest marketing tools are able to easily represent the identity of one company. There are different print techniques that are being used to create different promotional materials, and some of the most popular ones are business cards, CD holders, fly sheets and presentation folders with pockets.

For the better organization of any important documents and other marketing items, presentation folders with pockets are available in a variety of sizes. You can use them for campaign, promoting events, business promotions, internal documentations, etc.

Here is how you can have your presentation folders more interesting and more attractive:

Quality material

For any kind folders, no matter for what you will be using them, need to be made from long lasting materials. Also, it is important that the folders are made in accurate dimensions for your needs. For example, inner folders should be sturdy as they will be handling more weight.


Custom presentation folders should be designed attractively. For this reason, it is wise to opt for professional graphic designers whenever possible, and the layout should be done in a way that it catches the attention of the clients.


When making your folders, you need to ensure that they will work for clients at any moment. The utility of the folders should be clear. For example, you can even consider customizing the folders with vertical or horizontal or in between pockets.

The presentation needs of both small and large businesses can be solved with the help of cheap presentation folder printing. There are different solutions for making the right folder at very reasonable prices too, and one of them is with the help of the right print store.


Our folders are available in different sizes, and the most common ones are legal size folders , presentation folder A4 or A5 presentation folders.

We also offer any bespoke / Personalized sizes.

They can be made for special need of some project, but before printing them, you will have to take into consideration the right dimensions. Opting for unique specs will help you stand out from the competition, but being unique can cost you more than you have been thinking in the beginning, so this is one more thing that should be taken into consideration.

In the end, it is important to note that your presentation folder doesn’t represent only the company but the businessmen itself. It represents a part of a brand, so for this reason there are some things that should always be visible on the folder – the motto and the logo of the company. This, together will appropriate and attractive images can work together in creating a cohesive presentation of a certain company in front of the public.