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We offer full colour 100% personalized compliment slips printed on 120gsm ECO friendly uncoated paper.Compliment slip also known as compliments slip, comp slip , with compliments slip or even complimentary slips.We offer high quality low cost compliment slip printing service in UK for Next day. UK standard compliment slip size is DL also know as  1/3 A4  (99x210mm).Which gives you enough space to write your massage and on the footer our header you can use with compliments as a default template.But you can design it the way you want it to be.Compliments slip are also very popular for direct mail as a promotional or thanks giving letter as it comes on DL size and very cost effective to post.Our comp slips are 100% writable and you can use any kind of pan and ink get dry very soon.


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Compliment slip size: 99 X210MM 


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Compliment Slips are a piece of paper that features the name and address that can be found on the letterhead of a formal letter, salutations like “with compliments” or “with our compliments” or “with my compliments” and some empty for the message to be written.Complimentary slips can also be used as an alternate to the formal letters for example, in response to a request for the price list you can attach the price list with compliments slip instead of a formal letter.If these slips are used in routine usage then businesses can develop good relations with their clients.

Compliment Slip Printing:

The key to the survival of a business or a brand in a market is to develop good relations and compliment slips are the best tool for developing good relations. A compliment slip allows you to develop a positive relationship with your clients. Writing a short individual message to the clients makes them feel appreciated and it also increases their loyalty with your business. Compliments slip follows your brand identity. So instead of writing a note using a blank paper, you should use compliment slips because they represent your brand and are also appealing. So even though the client may not know but still because of this slip he will try to contact you.

Complimentary Slips:

A question arises here that which firm offers the best and quality compliment slip printing services. But you won’t have to worry anymore now because here at Printers Cafe you will get the best compliment slips that will make you and your clients, to whom you will be giving these slips, fall in love with these. So to get the compliment slips you will have to first complete up the order process by providing us with the additional information and the design. As soon as we receive the information we will start working on your compliment slips.

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