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Letterhead is one of the most important legal documents for a company. But it is not only limited to legal document it is part of the companies or businesses identity, branding and in some case company promotion. And printing cafe knows how important letter heads are for you and we know what kind of letterhead paper to use for to gain best result for your letter head. We offer high quality letterhead printing in the UK with top quality letter headed paper. Not only that we are one of the cheap letterhead printing company in UK who can offer super fast turnaround. Cheap letterheads doesn’t mean cheap quality we ensure that you get the best headed paper, high quality printed letterheads in most competitive price in the market. We don’t compromise on the quality our letter headed paper are suitable for both inkjet and laser printer also can be used in photocopiers or any standard letter printing machine. Not only that your company headed paper can be water marked for your security and more authenticity. We use 120gsm uncoated paper which is suitable for writing and standard letterhead printing UK. We also offer next day letterhead stationery printing service if you need them urgently.

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  • High quality Letterhead printing UK.
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  • We use top quality letterhead paper.
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  • Can write on top.
  • 100% ECO Friendly headed paper.
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  • Water mark for security on company headed paper.
  • Complete letterhead stationery.

All you need to know about letterhead printing

A letterhead is a formal sheet of paper that is custom made for a company. It is often used when one has to compose a business letter, proposals, memorandum, and other company circulars or means of correspondence. When one takes a look at a letter head, it will be noticed that is has a company’s pertinent information printed on its top most portion. Information such as company logo, company name, exact address, contact number, facsimile number and website address number, fax and website address are usually seen on a letter head. And it is often paired with a matching envelope bearing the same company information. It is also a substantial symbol of one’s business and services in front of its’ existing and potential customers, employees and the government as well. Thus it is essential to provide strictly factual company related details on letter heads.

Company legal document :

It is often considered an essential document that represents a company or business it is also a kind of legal document for an organization that is utilized for all kinds of business correspondence. Normally a letter head is a stationery sheet used for both internal and external written communication with different departments within a company and even with other companies. letter heads  are used for sending business proposals, quotations, Human Resource related issues or composing letters for appointment, appraisal, promotion and termination of services, making purchases and written references in behalf of a company. A letter head helps a company build its identity to distinguish it from other companies, develop brand image and control a company’s business presence.

Represents a company:

Letterhead printing is very important in any kind of business. It is what represents a company directly to the outside world. One has to meticulously provide factual pertinent information when creating a letterhead. Just like most business materials, it needs to be created in a way that it appears to be appealing and eye-catching. It should as much as possible be flawless in terms of its overall design. It should possess high quality graphics and letter headed paper to come up with a perfect and elegant looking letterhead. It should not be limited to being a mere stationery product instead from a business point of view, it must be something of vital importance. The use of a letterhead in any written correspondence legalizes a document.

Advertising of a business:

Part of a letterhead’s vital role is in advertising of a business and the products and services that it caters to. A high quality letterhead may be used as a promotion material in order to attract public attention. It will also help in directing customers towards the location of a business establishment. Coloured letterheads are good to use for marketing purposes because it appears to be more visible and attractive, it would increase the interest of a company’s target customers to read its details this increasing marketing efficiency.

Like most business print materials, there are also several ways to get your letterhead printed out and different letter headed paper. You can choose to have it printed by a nearby local print shop or opt for the more convenient way to do it like the online letterhead print shops and get printed letterheads.

Company’s credibility:

Letterheads are responsible in building a company’s credibility and brand image. It can provide a considerable edge for both direct and indirect marketing campaigns of a business. The letterhead being a powerful representative icon of a company can aid in developing chances for converting sales into actual customers.

There are many advantages in using the cheap letterheads as a marketing campaign material. It can increase brand awareness because a it bears the company name and contact details, it can possibly make a company more well-known since prospects and existing customers will recognize your business establishment or name right away just by seeing the letterhead icon and good thing is letter heads are not very expensive to print. We offer cheap letterhead printing with great quality. This is another method to make one’s company famous and get to increase its profit. Aside from that, this  can help enhance a company’s credibility. Considering that a letterhead contains factual information about a company, it will help in developing reliability and trustworthiness. By posting pertinent factual information about a company it is also a way to assure clients that the company truly exists and may be contacted anytime they wish to. And because of that, customers are more apt in giving their trust if you have an appealing and factual letterhead.


A letterhead depicts a company as a professional. Seeing a letterhead provides a business view of one’s company or business. It is essential to have the letterhead design done by a trusted professional. This will give the prospects a feeling that a company is not ordinary at all. It should also be noted that when one intends invest of good quality materials for their clients. A professionally made letterhead print will allow a company to stand out and achieve distinction from the other companies. It will be a kind of direct marketing wherein a company needs to make itself appear special to get noticed. Visually appealing letterheads will surely help a company increase its sales and leads. It can be diverted as official papers to market one’s business. A company’s image is also somewhat dependent on how effective are letterheads when being featured. A unique or one of a kind letterhead creates a big impression or a great positive impact one has to consider creating a stronger and well-designed letterhead that can protect a company’s brand image. Letterheads can also compliment consumer retention Written documents carrying a business logo will establish brand loyalty among clients. A strong brand loyalty usually leads to a more improved consumer retention which in turn results to increased sales and financial gains.

Regardless of financial expenses in creating letterheads, businessmen should not limit their staff in using the letterhead print for creating letters. It should be remembered that there are many advantages brought by the use of letterheads for marketing campaigns that aim to boost sales and increase profit.

Type of letterheads:

Letterheads come in various types that usually depend on the kind of materials used in creating it. For the standard type of letterhead, there are two variations namely, one-colour and two-colour. The one-colour letterhead is the simplest and cheapest option. It makes use of a basic kind of paper that can be used for common home and or office printers. It is good for businesses that are aiming for the lowest-cost of letterhead which can be used on a daily basis. The second most economical option is the two-colour letterhead which utilizes two ink colours for printing. It is made in the same way a one-colour letterhead is created. It also makes use of a basic kind of paper that may be good to use with both, inkjet and laser office printers. However, a one-colour letterhead often looks very dull and doesn’t look impressive at all, while the two-colour letterhead may create a slight impact depending on the colour of ink used. It may be the cheapest option but it could never be an assurance that such letterheads could be used for marketing campaign purposes. Aside from the two options, there is also a full-colour letterhead that makes use of more colours on the same paper type used for basic home and office printers. A full colour letterhead normally costs higher than the one or two-colour letterhead as the price for printing is often dependent on the number of colours and quality of paper used as well as additional enhancement options such as raised ink or embossed printing or the use of gold foil in some cases.

ECO-friendly letterhead:

There is also such thing as an eco-friendly letterhead. This kid of letterhead uses a paper stock that has recycled materials in it like post-consumer waste. It does not contain any virgin wood pulp fibers; and it is produced without using chlorine or any bleaching solution. The eco-friendly letterhead printing can make use of soy-based inks to replace the traditional inks that are petroleum-based. Letterhead printing done with soy ink is eco-friendly because it is a less volatile compound compared to oil-based inks and still gets to produce vibrant and bright images on the paper.

Colour to use:

For those who want to maximize the use of their company’s letterhead, it is advisable to opt for the full colour letterhead. It may be a bit expensive compared to the two most basic types but it will give a more appealing look that will create a big impression to the people who will see and read it. But for those who may have a bigger financial budget for creating letterheads, they might as well choose to have two kinds of letterhead – one-colour and two-colour type or the one-colour and full-colour type. Having at least two kinds of letterhead will allow them to use it wisely. A company can allow their staff to use the one colour (black and white) letterhead on a daily basis like department circulars and correspondence, while they can reserve the use of their full-colour letterhead for legal documents, human resources related documents, business proposals and quotations.

Businesses that make use of company headed paper that have been designed and printed professionally can help create a positive and professional image. Small-scaled businesses Using professionally designed and printed letterhead can help create a positive and professional image for any business. Even small home-based businesses can launch a powerful corporate identity when they make use of a quality letterhead for their written correspondence of any kind.

Letterheads can be custom-made and can be ordered either from local print shops  and web-based or online printers like us. We normally utilize a business’ existing logo provided by you as a digital file, which can either be hand-carried or most of the time sent via email or by messenger file. A lot of online print shops offer the so-called in-house creative services. This will help you design your logos, they can also choose what font to use, and finally develop a letterhead printing that would match their existing business impression.

More about letter headed paper & Printing:

In deciding to order letterhead printing jobs online, a you have to decide on the basics needed for printing. One has to decide on the size and colour of an image or logo and letters to be printed. It is also important to choose the kind and quality of paper as well as the sizes of sheets to be printed on. One must be aware that the printing cost depends on the number of sheets ordered. Therefore, an increase in one’s order of sheets would mean a decrease in the cost of its printing. This is because the considerable portion of commercial printing price is inclusive of set-up and design costs. Usually, most printers be it at local shops or online shops, set-up a quantity of 100 sheets or more as a standard-order for letterhead printing jobs and a minimum of 500 sheets for other printing services.

When ordering online letterhead printing, you can sent a written price quotation for the full cost of your order. The said quotation includes pertinent printing job details such as: type of paper and ink to be used, number of sheets ordered as well as the estimated date of delivery of letterheads. You are supposed to check a proof copy or sample of the letterhead before having the full order printed. Getting to view a sample of the letterhead will allow you to get a chance to review it and make the necessary changes if he wishes to. This is normally done to avoid costly errors such as typographical errors and or omissions. Afterwards, you have to fully acknowledge the quotation when everything else has been finalised prior to printing the entire order.

When ordering letterheads from printing cafe, you should not worry because you can also create letterheads in the same manner a traditional local print shop does. You can still choose from one-colour, two-colour, full-colour as well as the eco-friendly way of printing letterheads. And the best thing about having it done online is that it cuts off all the hassles encountered in having it printed at a local print shop. It is both time and energy saving and more convenient on the part of the customer. The means of transaction can simply be done online except of course for the delivery. It is also cheaper because online print shops do not spend as much as a local shop does in running its printing business.

Oftentimes, people fail to see the importance of a letterhead printing. They do not realise that having a letterhead or the lack thereof can affect a business in so many ways. The letterhead can actually make or break a business, whether a businessperson likes that notion or not, it is true. Any kind of business; be it big-time or small scale can truly benefit from having and using letterheads. The business itself and the businessman himself benefits from the letterhead.

A company letterhead displays the company’s name logo, address, contact numbers, as well as the company’s web or homepage address. When customers receive any correspondence on a letterhead, they normally give it importance and consider it a legal or an authentic document. Using letterheads increases a company’s reliability and trustworthiness. Most companies expect their customers and other people to treat them professionally. Part of professionalism is having the much needed company letterhead. The lack of it exudes unprofessional. Sending any kind of business letters on a letterhead is one good example. Imagine sending business proposals, quotations, requests on a blank or plain white bond paper, what do you think happens next? Most likely a business executive who takes a glance at it would immediately toss it to the nearest wastebasket. It makes such a bad impression and even makes a document questionable in terms of authenticity = the trustworthiness then is all lost. Business transactions are put at stake even by just using the wrong paper.

Aside from that, a smart looking and eye-catching letterhead printing can make customers remember your company name and logo. Every time you keep sending them a correspondence with the use of your company’s letterhead, it increases their sense of recalling the familiarity of what they saw in your letterhead. Thus wherever they might go and get a glance of your logo and business name, they will surely recognize it.

Creating a letterhead printing also shows how creative and innovative a company can be. Both creativeness and innovativeness are important in dealing with customers and they can judge both aspects even just by one look at a company’s letterhead. If it succeeds in creating a great impression then it is effective in being used as a marketing tool. Indeed, a marketing tool it is! One must not limit his ideas about a letterhead printing as a mere writing material. It can help promote one’s business by posting its business name, logo, address, contact numbers and homepage address in a creative and innovative manner. They way a letterhead is designed can affect a company’s credibility and over-all status. It can help a business flourish by creating a positive impression leading to a positive business results.

Letterheads printing can be of benefit for a business that is just starting and needs to advertise at a low cost, one can do so with the help of such promotional material. The same is also applicable for a business which is experiencing financial losses and wants to cope up with the use of marketing campaigns, and again the letterhead is the best inexpensive choice to opt for. All kinds of businesses can take full advantage of appealing letterheads to boost their company’s sales and profit. They need not worry about having to spend so much for television, radio and print advertisements if they want to cost-cut on their expenses – choosing and creating the right letterhead printing can make wonders for one’s business.
With the help of professionally designed letterhead prints, any business correspondence can have a more professional look. They normally accompany envelopes, but in this case, letterheads play a role as the top part of the stationery where can easily be included the name of the company, its address, logo and other important contact information that will be of the use to the clients and business partners that might want to contact a specific company. Letterheads can be printed at local or online print companies in different sizes and very affordable prices, at a very fast turnaround time.

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